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Ecofirst provides you with complete support for all your projects !

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Ecofirst provides you with complete support for all your projects!

You need to set up actions related to natural areas management ? You don't know where to start ? Are you looking to save time by contacting the right people ? You want to optimize your investments by finding actions that are favourable for biodiversity?

Exactly like a Swiss Army knife, Ecofirst provides a multitude of services related to natural areas : ecological engineering, digital mapping, data management and analysis, biological inventories, field expertise, permits, relations with authorities, fundraising, negotiations, compensation, case studies (BREEAM and EAI), implementation of field work and site monitoring.

Within Ecofirst, we can handle your project from A to Z, in 3 languages (FR, NL, EN). We do it with a cross-disciplinary vision of all the missions and steps to be accomplished. With a single point of contact for you!

Although most of our projects are located in Belgium, France and Luxemburg, we work all over Europe. Our clients include renowned companies for whom we have been working with pragmatism and efficiency for many years.

Contact us to tell us what you are looking for!


Consultancy, implementation and follow-up of habitat management or restoration actions on the field

Are you looking to set up efficient vegetation management actions in your area ?

We can advise you on the most suitable actions to carry out. We will draw up the optimum specifications for you, depending on the work to be done. We have worked with many contractors and we will help you succeed by choosing the best with you. You won't have to worry about anything, we follow the works on site for they have to meet requirements detailed in the specifications.


Biological inventories and naturalist expertise

Are you looking to inventory plants and animals in your area? Do you want to measure the impact your actions in favour of nature?

We will carry out for you the most relevant biological inventories according to your situation. In addition to our team of experts, we can rely on a large network of collaborators for large-scale missions.

Depending on your budget and the groups to be inventoried, we will decide with you the most appropriate methodology (target groups, type of inventories, frequency).

Our expertise targets the following groups: botany, entomology, ornithology, chiropterology, mammalogy, herpetology


Management plans

Do you need a management plan for your natural area?

We can carry out for you a biological inventory of the area and look out for regulations enforced in your area. Depending on the results obtained, we draw up a management plan in line with the legal requirements and the biological opportunities of the natural environment concerned.


Vegetation management

You need to manage vegetation and are you looking for methods that promote biodiversity ?

If vegetation management is not your core business, we can help you turn this constraint into a real opportunity! Our experience and our innovations with large companies, public or private structures allow us to offer you the best solutions at the heart of environmental, ecological and societal issues. We implement solutions that take into account the natural and social context, and of course your budget.



Do you need to produce a map of a natural areas to support your decision-making processes ?

We have developed a high level of expertise in mapping natural environments. We master all the stages, from the field to the final rendering, including data processing. In the field, our team evolves in a fast and relevant way. No need to get lost in unnecessary details. According to your needs, we will choose with you the right parameters to collect. Once the data has been integrated on a Geographic Information System, we build a dynamic database that will allow us to provide you with a map adapted to your situation, and to report on the evolution of these natural environments.

Our team will take into account your computer management system in order to ensure a perfect compatibility with your current tools.


Administrative procedures

You have to interact with public administrations or institutions and and you don't know how to proceed? You want introduce a grant application (e.g. PwDR), write a legal management plan, apply for an authorisation or a permit (e.g. planning permit) for work you foresee ?

Ecofirst can help you identify the right steps and the contacts persons, and to defend your project before the relevant authorities. Our experience, mainly in Belgium but also in Luxemburg, is based on numerous projects that have required close relations with all types of authorities and interlocutors.


Bat expertises

You foresee a bat study and cannot find a competent partner to implement it? You are looking for a training in acoustic identification of bats? You need advice on bat detection or protection, regulations, or mitigation measures?

Ecofirst’s team count highly competent chiropterologists: capture (in compliance with sanitary regulations and anti-rabies vaccination), telemetry, detection and acoustic identification, restoration work to create roosts. We collaborate with nature protection associations and engineering companies to ensure that bats are properly taken into account in your projects and to guide you towards appropriate solutions.


Bio-acoustic development

The study of fauna using sound recordings is currently expanding. In addition to the well-known acoustic identification of bats, other groups are emerging: orthopterans, micro-mammals (including the hazel dormouse), birds, etc.

Our team counts two acousticians, both long-standing chiropterologists, who have also been exploring different ways to develop tools to find and identify other species, and in some cases, to recognize individuals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to put these skills to good use in your project!


Drone Service

You have a project that requires high quality aerial images and the use of a drone for promotional purposes? You have questions about the implementation of a remote sensing approach to facilitate the collection of field data? Projects involving 3D modelling of study subjects or future developments? You need advice on the current regulations and the possibilities to use this tool?

Ecofirst has a European accredited pilot, the equipment and the knowledge to carry out many tasks:

  • Production of communication images and videos
  • 3D modelling by photogrammetry
  • Aerial survey of linear lines
  • Calculation of surface area and volume for various applications: habitat development, agricultural damage, etc.
  • Remote sensing (including aerial recognition of invasive plants)
  • and many more

Ecofirst's objective is to use these innovative tools to meet the ecological challenges of the clients, partners and organisations we work with.


Mobilisation of the forest-wood sector

You have a collaborative territorial management project? You are looking to boost sustainable management in a given area? You don't know how to consider the project or how to implement it?

Ecofirst is an essential partner for planning this type of project. We are heavily involved in the sustainable management of natural environments. We can think along with you and identify the needs of your project. We are happy to help you network with the right people, since we developed strong relationships with stakeholders in sustainable management and are able to direct you to the right people.

Has your project attracted the attention of a public or private investor? We will be happy to assist you in implementing your project. We will support you throughout the project and are even able to coordinate it.


Training in integrated vegetation management

Would you like to train your staff or subcontractors for them to adopt another management of vegetation and natural environments?

Ecofirst is a reference in terms of training. Numerous training modules (mapping, negotiations, field actions, maintenance of facilities...) have been developed as part of the LIFE Elia-RTE project. From theory to practice, our experts are committed to passing on their knowledge and raising awareness of the issues related to your natural environments.


Biodiversity and Business

As a company, do you want to improve the biodiversity of your industrial or semi-natural sites?

Call on our services to combine biodiversity gains, reduced management costs and better visibility of the actions undertaken.

Ecofirst is among the qualified biodiversity advisors during the Masterclass "Adviseur biodiversiteit en bedrijven" organised during the Interreg 2B Connect project.

Our advisers can guide you, in particular with the help of the tool created by the FPS Public Health (Belgium) (https://www.biodiversitree.be/), in your efforts to integrate biodiversity into your activity and within your structure.

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