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  • Fieldworks

Biodiversity engineering in the framework of infrastructure projects

  • Skills Designing and implementing biodiversity and landscaping projects
  • Ongoing Since 2019
  • Location Walloon Region
BDE2 Verger
  • 2 infrastructure projects
  • 8 municipalities
  • 65 designed and implemented actions

As part of Elia's major infrastructure projects, Ecofirst is helping the municipalities concerned to set up landscaping and biodiversity actions throughout their territory.

Ecofirst draws on the expertise of its entire team (biologists, foresters, negotiators) to propose to the municipalities the most appropriate landscaping actions based on the identity and specific features of the area concerned and local ecological issues. On the basis of an opportunity report drawn up by Ecofirst, the local authorities select the projects to be implemented and draw on Ecofirst's technical expertise to carry out these actions, in partnership with local stakeholders (Forest and River administrations (DNF and DCENN), NGOs, and local authorities).

By participating in the management of funds likely to support these projects, Ecofirst ensures administrative monitoring of the financing of the actions.

Ecofirst has already worked with eight municipalities on two major projects, carrying out a total of 65 schemes in their areas.

Our expertise at the service of this project:

  • General project coordination and budget coordination : L. Coquelet ( email hidden; JavaScript is required )
  • Consultations and drafting of opportunity reports : L. Nivelle
  • Support for municipalities, implementation and monitoring of actions: Th. Lefèvre, O. Noël.

Examples of landscape planning projects associated with the Elia East Loop - Step 2:

  • Water-related developments: control of the Himalayan balsam, installation of fish caches, creation of (networks of) ponds
  • Diversification plantations in agricultural areas (hedges, orchards, agroforestry, ...) or forest areas (edges, ...)
  • Landscaping for the general public: restoration of viewing points, walking trails, reception areas, observatories, etc
  • Other installations : hanging nesting boxes, settlement of information panels, implementation of a project for the "Collectif Forêt" (Dynamic and sustainable forest management on Malmedy, Stoumont and Stavelot).

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