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(FR) Biological inventories following the LIFE Elia-RTE and "Ecological Corridors" projects

During the LIFE Elia-RTE project (2011-2017), as well as within the framework of the "Ecological Corridors" dynamic that has been underway since 2018, approximately 650 ha of forest corridors within Elia network have been developed to be managed according to practices aimed at improving the biological quality of the habitats present, reducing the impact of vegetation management interventions over the long term.

Since 2019, biological inventories have been carried out by Ecofirst during the spring and summer on sites that have been or are being developed. These target several taxonomic groups: birds, higher plants (botanical inventories), pond inventories (botanical, odonates, amphibians), butterflies, orthopterans, chiropterans, reptiles and common dormouse. The aim of these inventories is to characterize changes in habitats and populations of animal and plant species, in order to highlight the effects of developments and changes in management practices on biological diversity. This makes it possible to assess whether the investments made have had or can still have beneficial effects on biodiversity.

These reports are the result of various data analyses, enabling us to interpret the evolution of the sites. The aim is to relate all the groups inventoried to the type(s) of management and environmental factors.

Inventaires bio 2022 ELIA