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  • Fieldworks

Ecological corridors under Belgium's high-voltage network (Elia)

  • Skills Fieldworks, environmental engineering, negotiations
  • Ongoing 2018-2027
  • Location Belgium
2018 07 12 17 27 41
  • 40 ha of forest corridors/year to be managed
  • 3 Regions of Belgium concerned
  • 5 members of the team involved

Following on from the European LIFE Elia-RTE project (2011-2017, led by Ecofirst), the cooperative is in charge of the implementation of actions in favor of biodiversity in the corridors formed by high-voltage lines in the woodlands in Belgium. The Ecofirst cooperative deploys these actions throughout Belgium, in both languages (French and Dutch).

Different actions are carried out according to the local context:

  • 1 Planting or restoration of forest edges
  • 2 Meadows management by grazing or mowing
  • 3 Planting of wild species orchards
  • 4 Restoration of natural habitats (heathlands, bogs, meadows)
  • 5 Digging ponds
  • 6 Control of invasive species

Along these actions, other missions are carried out:

  • 1 Permit procedures
  • 2 Negotiations and compensation with landowners
  • 3 Forestry surveys (subsidies)

The cooperative leads the project from A to Z, from the initial mapping of the potentialities to the follow-up of the work, including negotiations with landowners and the drafting of work specifications.

Our expertise at the service of this project :

  • Project coordination and reporting to Elia : A. Maebe
  • Mapping of all forest corridors under the Belgian high-voltage network : A. Maebe, M. Derume, L. Nivelle, Th. Lefèvre.
  • Diagnosis and field inventories : A. Maebe, M. Derume, L. Nivelle, Th. Lefèvre.
  • Negotiations with French-speaking landowners : A. Maebe, M. Derume, L. Nivelle, Th. Lefèvre.
  • Negotiations with Dutch-speaking landowners : A. Maebe, M. Derume, Th. Lefèvre, L. Coquelet.
  • Contact with the authorities (permits), drafting of specifications, planning and site supervision : A. Maebe, M. Derume, L. Nivelle, Th. Lefèvre