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  • Management plan

Drafting of a management plan for the forest corridors under the high-voltage network in Flanders (Elia)

  • Skills Drafting management plan, negotiations.
  • Ongoing 2023-2024
  • Location Flanders
Plan de gestion couloirs forestiers ELIA
  • 5 provinces
  • 120 landowners for 80 hectares

Following on from the conversion of forest corridors into ecological corridors, Ecofirst has teamed up with Arcadis to draw up a management plan (Natuurbeheerplan) covering all the electricity corridors within forests developed in Flanders since 2018. Under the coordination of Arcadis, our team is responsible for negotiating the adhesion of as many landowners as possible who are already affected by the ecological corridors. After the introduction of the preliminary note (early 2024), the management plan (Natuurbeheerplan, at least type 2) will be drawn up in consultation with the administration services (ANB) in order to meet the Flemish Region's Integrated Management Criteria. Insofar as possible, this management plan will ratify the conservation measures for vulnerable habitats at the Flemish level and will confirm the role of the high-voltage network in the connectivity of natural habitats.

Thereafter, in parallel with the conversion of new forest corridors, Ecofirst will gradually integrate the corridors concerned into this management plan.

Our expertise at the service of this project:

  • Project coordination and reporting to Arcadis, Elia and the ANB : L. Coquelet
  • Compliance and preparation of GIS-data : A. Maebe
  • Drafting and consultation of environmental legislation : L. Coquelet
  • Negotiations : A. Maebe, L. Coquelet, M. Derume, Th. Lefèvre