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  • Biological monitoring

Monitoring of protected habitats in Luxembourg

  • Skills Botanical records, mapping
  • Ongoing 2023
  • Location Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
ANF habitats
  • 1 municipality : Flaxweiler
  • 28 open habitats monitored in 2023

The Nature and Forestry Administration of the Luxemburg Ministry of the Environment has entrusted Ecofirst with the monitoring of open habitats in 2023. We have therefore travelled throughout the municipality of Flaxweiler to survey a series of sites hosting either Natura 2000 open habitats or habitats protected by Luxembourg law.

Our role is to identify the conservation status of each habitat (including a complete botanical record, an assessment of threats and management techniques) and to update the mapping.

Our expertise at the service of this project:

  • Field work: P. Nyssen, JF. Godeau, M. Derume and L. Nivelle
  • Cartography: JF. Godeau
  • Inventory sheets and project management: P. Nyssen