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  • Consulting

Biodiversity engineering within high-voltage substations

  • Skills expertise and ecological engineering
  • Ongoing since 2018
  • Location all over Belgium
  • more than 100 expertised substations in the 3 regions

Since 2018, in a bid to integrate biodiversity into its infrastructure, Elia has called on Ecofirst when work is being carried out on a high-voltage substation. Taking into account the management and safety constraints at these sites, Ecofirst proposes various landscaping schemes that benefit nature. Several members of the Ecofirst team are trained to work in the vicinity of electrical installations (BA4 - BA5), as well as to coordinate landscaping around high-voltage installations (Work Leaders – Light Profile - GSIL / GSIS).

Ecofirst is involved in obtaining the necessary permits to reinforce and modernise high-voltage substations. Ecofirst strives to optimise biodiversity-friendly developments to ensure that they blend in better with the landscape and the environment.

At the same time, in response to Elia's request to improve the ecosystem services of its substations, actions are being proposed for substations not undergoing work. The available space is being used to bring biodiversity on the mineral substrates (flower meadows, sowing of native Sedum, planting of native hedges, eco-pasture, placement of nesting boxes, etc.).

Finally, Ecofirst is helping Elia to implement a coherent policy for managing invasive plant species (IAS) in and around its high-voltage substations. This involves 1) drafting recognition sheets and decision trees for their management-strategy, for use by field staff and green space maintenance companies, 2) training the various players involved, 3) surveying numerous substations throughout Wallonia, mapping the possible presence of these species and drafting specific management recommendations. All this in French and Dutch.

Our expertise at the service of this project:

  • Coordination of actions : L. Coquelet ( email hidden; JavaScript is required )
  • Field expertise and drafting of reports and management recommendations : Th. Lefèvre, L. Coquelet, M. Derume
  • Drafting of specifications and monitoring of actions : Th. Lefèvre, L. Coquelet
  • Bibliographical research, IAS documentation : M. Derume, L. Coquelet
  • Drafting of IAS recognition sheets and training courses (F and NL) : M. Derume, L. Coquelet
  • Training cycle (F and NL) : L. Coquelet