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(FR) Biological inventories following the LIFE Elia-RTE and "LIFE2" projects, Report 2021

The LIFE Elia-RTE project (2011-2017) restored the habitat over a total of 430 ha of forest corridors within Elia network. The integrated vegetation management used in these corridors improve the biological quality of the habitats present and reduce the impact of vegetation management interventions over the long term. Since 2018, Elia continued to actively engage in ecological vegetation management, launching the dynamic called "LIFE2" which consists in generalizing the actions of LIFE Elia-RTE to the scale of all the forest areas of the network of Elia in Belgium.

At present, about 580 ha of high voltage corridors are managed to maximize biodiversity. Elia's ambitious objective is to aim in the coming years at a proportion of 90% of the forest corridors under ecological vegetation management. This proactive policy should be emphasized, especially since it is accompanied, since 2018, by real biological monitoring of the developed sites. This monitoring is carried out by Ecofirst and aims to objectively assess the evolution of the ecological quality of the sites and the benefits created in terms of biodiversity.

This report presents the results of the 2021 survey, carried out in a continuity with previous years, completing the data sets. The goal is to produce complete synthesis in 2022.

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