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  • Biological monitoring
  • Consulting

Vegetation inventories for Arcadis

  • Skills Assessment of natural habitat quality
  • Status Ended, 2019
  • Location Belgium
Arcadis 03 R

Within the framework of the drafting of a management plan for the safety corridor of the "Van Eyck - Massenhoven" high-voltage line, Ecofirst has been entrusted by Arcadis with the task of inventorying the vegetation within forest corridors.

Carried out during the summer-autumn 2019, this mission was carried out on the basis of a methodology developed specifically for this project.

The conservation status of habitats of Community interest and biotopes of regional interest was established on the basis of a network of inventory plots.

Finally, short- and medium-term management recommendations, taking into account the ecological and safety issues of the high-voltage line, were formulated for each habitat inventoried.