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  • Consulting

Project BELIVE (RTE)

  • Skills Project consultancy, technical support
  • Completed 2018-2021
  • Location France
  • 220 ha of development in favour of biodiversity (in addition to the 930 ha of forest electricity corridors encompassed in the "green grid")
  • 3 regions in France: West (Brittany and Pays de la Loire), South-East (PACA) and North (French Ardennes).
  • 3.5 years long

The BELIVE project (BiodiversitE sous les LIgnes par la Valorisation des Emprises) continues the work of LIFE Elia-RTE while responding to the impetus given by RTE's corporate project: "to enhance the presence and physical footprint of our network, which provides more than just electricity, whether via optical fiber or by developing green corridors under our lines".

BELIVE therefore aims to provide feedback on the modification of vegetation management in rights-of-way. With the support of the stakeholders, the actions implemented under the lines within the framework of the LIFE Elia-RTE will be evaluated as well as other actions to enhance the value of the rights-of-way: biomass production, agriculture, arboriculture, hunting facilities...

Our expertise at the service of this project :

  • Technical assistance, advice and support for regional consultancies: G. Jadoul
  • Development of a project monitoring platform (including mapping) : JF. Godeau
  • Creation of a feedback system, general project monitoring: P. Nyssen, G. Jadoul