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  • Management plan

Nassonia project

  • Skills Forest, strategic vision
  • Status Ongoing, long term project, launched in 2018
  • Location Saint-Michel-Freyr, Walloon Region, Belgium
Nassonia GJ
  • 1650 ha of forest
  • 2018 the year Pairi Daiza Foundation and the Walloon Minister of Forestry sign a contract for the co-management of the Saint-Michel-Freyr State forest.
  • 3 partners: Ecofirst, the Public Service of Wallonia and the Pairi Daiza Foundation

Located in the heart of the Saint-Michel-Freyr state-owned forest, the Nassonia project has 3 major objectives:

  • Re-naturate the forest massif (to make it a "freer and wilder forest") to develop nature conservation to the maximum and restore the biological bases of the ecosystem's functioning;
  • To re-enchant the forest and its uses in order to develop widespread tourism and an adapted reception of the public, to reconnect human beings with nature;
  • Maximize the quality, local value and sustainability of forest products, to demonstrate that biodiversity can go along local economy.

Ecofirst is in charge of steering the project, in collaboration with the Pairi Daiza Foundation and the Service Public de Wallonie (SPW).