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  • Biological monitoring
  • Management plan

Infrabel railway network

  • Skills Evaluation of the potential and recommendations
  • Status Ended 2019
  • Location Belgium (Liège-Leuven)
Infrabel 08 R
  • 8 km of railway located in Flanders and Wallonia
  • 18 ha of various natural habitats (woodlands, linear elements, open areas…)

The maintenance of the railway network has some impact on biodiversity. In order to reduce this impact, Infrabel has commissioned Ecofirst to carry out a specific study on line 36 (Liège-Leuven). The double objective of this analysis is on the one hand to objectify the state of biodiversity on defined sections and on the other hand to propose alternative measures, both on economical and ecological points of view.

The potential for alternative management was experssed on the basis of the mapping of the vegetation, the biological inventories carried out in 2019, and the consultation of stakeholders in the field.