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  • Consulting

Elia project - Boucle de l'Est

  • Skills negotiation, field expertise
  • Ongoing 2019-2023
  • Location Belgium, East of the province of Liege
Boucle De Est2
  • 25 km of high voltage line
  • 5 municipalities impacted
  • more than 40 private or public owners contacted

Launched in 2015 by Elia, this large-scale project aims to strengthen the overhead lines grid located in the east of Belgium. The project, divided into several key steps, consists in the replacement of a 70 kV line into two 110 kV lines.

During the step 2, which began in 2018, Ecofirst was commissioned by Elia to negotiate with private and public landowners for the felling of trees to allow the work to proceed smoothly and to ensure the long-term safety of the line.