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  • Biological monitoring

Biological assessment of the railroad banks with ONF-SNCF

  • Skills Ecological expertise, cartography
  • Ongoing 2021-2023
  • Location France (Yonne, Essonne and Seine-et-Marne)
  • 2 SNCF lines
  • 250 km of railroad tracks on these 2 SNCF lines
  • 53.000 ha of green right of way on this network managed by the ONF
  • 0 phyto: a "zero phyto" objective for the management of the track banks

Ecofirst performs an environmental expertise mission for the Office National des Forêts, which is in charge of the vegetation management on the banks of some SNCF railroads. The ONF mapped the vegetation and is carrying out the work to ensure the safety of passengers and the efficiency of rail transport, without using phytocides. Indeed, in France (and throughout Europe), more and more infrastructure managers are aiming for a "zero phyto" objective. Environmentally acceptable solutions must be developed to manage vegetation without phytocides!

In connection with the ONF's management planning, Ecofirst is in charge of identifying the existing biological interest and the potential for biodiversity restoration on these outbuildings. Our action is composed of 3 missions aimed at describing the existing situation, proposing innovative management methods and assessing their effects:

  • 1 Cartographic transcription of environmental regulatory data and available naturalist data
  • 2 Definition of indicators for monitoring ordinary biodiversity
  • 3 Field inventories performing