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  • Consulting
  • Management plan

Nassonia project

  • Skills Forest, strategic vision
  • Status Ongoing, long term project, launched in 2018
  • Location Saint-Michel-Freyr, Walloon Region, Belgium
Nassonia 2
  • 1650 ha of forest
  • 3 municipalities concerned
  • 80 years : duration of the contract, a vision closer to the time of the forest and the natural processes that govern it

Via a call for projects launched in 2017, the Walloon Region decided to enlist the help of a partner in order to set up an innovative experimental co-management of the species and natural habitats present within the Saint-Michel-Freyr state forest. The Pairi Daiza Foundation has been chosen by the Walloon Government to fulfill this rôle.

This project is implemented in the field by a mixed public-private team. It is composed of the three DNF agents of the triages of the Saint-Michel Freyr state forest, their brigadier, an attaché of the Marche-en-Famenne Directorate and their head of the Nassogne Cantonnement. The Foundation has mandated three project managers from Ecofirst.

In the continuity of the actions implemented for many years within this Walloon pilot territory, the team in charge of the project wishes to make Nassonia an open laboratory that radiates around five ambitions.

  • Increasing forest resilience
  • Rewilding
  • Allow the public to experience the forest
  • Reinvolve everyone in forest management
  • Be a showcase for environmental challenges

Since 2018, the Nassonia team, accompanied by a group of local stakeholders and citizens, has completed a reflection process to feed two framework documents: the Master Plan and the Forest Management Plan. In parallel to this reflection, many concrete actions have been carried out within the forest (habitat restoration, stand diversification, scientific monitoring, etc.).