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  • European projects

Forest4LIFE project (EU)

  • Skills Project writing, fundraising
  • Status 2021-2028
  • Location Walloon Region, Belgium
Arcadis 01
  • 7 partners (public, private and NGOs)
  • 1.000 ha of forests
  • 14 Natura 2000 sites

Considering the experience acquired by the cooperative's team in the management of our forest heritage, Ecofirst is currently involved in the drafting of a LIFE + Nature project.

This project is being set up in collaboration with the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium, the non-profit organization Forêt.nature, the University of Liège, and the Pairi Daiza Foundation.

With a "Forest" orientation, the field work will aim to improve forest habitats and create new ones, in line with the resilience of the forest ecosystem.

The detailed actions are not yet specified, but they will focus on improving the status of Walloon forest habitats designated within Natura 2000 sites