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  • Fieldworks
  • Management plan

Management of the Hurtebise Monastery estate

  • Skills management of land assets
  • Ongoing since 2019
  • Location Wallonie, municipality of Saint-Hubert
Hurtebise 2
  • 60 ha of land under management
  • 40 ha of agricultural area
  • 20 ha forestry
  • 1 differentiated management

After an assessment of the land and the purchase of forestry properties in the vicinity of the Hurtebise Monastery, the religious community entrusted the management of its properties to Ecofirst.

Since two years now, Ecofirst has been working in close collaboration with the community to implement environmentally friendly actions and to enhance the value of the existing forest heritage.

On a day-to-day basis, Ecofirst provides advice, proposes management guidelines, enables the implementation of actions by applying for grants and acts as an intermediary for all the contacts required for their successful implementation (contact with contractors, drafting of specifications, etc.).

It is a multifunctional management based on proposals for forestry, agricultural, environmental or public reception management.

The actions implemented by Ecofirst are varied:

  • Mapping
  • Land and forest stand assessment
  • Setting up ecological restoration grant applications: PwDR project, installation of a network of hedges, etc
  • Silvicultural support: forestry work such as silvicultural designation, pruning, drafting of specifications and monitoring of work, sales, etc
  • Drafting of a simple management plan